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What to Expect When You’re Constructing

Considering a renovation project and don’t know where to start? Hoping to suggest a renovation project to library administration or Board? Learn the basics of construction and renovation projects to ensure yours will be a success!


Consultant and former Director of the Union County Library System, Rieta Drinkwine, will provide an overview of the construction process from a public library perspective, including how to get started, community needs assessments, project milestones and timelines, different methods for completing projects, and potential revenue options. She will also share successes and challenges faced by the Union County Library System when completing their award-winning facility renovation in 2018.


This webinar will provide useful knowledge to librarians and library staff of all levels, even those who may not supervise a construction project. Participants will gain the knowledge necessary to engage in conversations about and to lead future library facility projects.


Learning Objectives:


  • Become familiar with construction project terminology
  • Learn the basics of construction projects
  • Know how to get started with a building construction project

Rieta Drinkwine ~Biography

Rieta Drinkwine earned her BA in Classics from the University of Kansas in 2009 and her Masters in Library Science from Indiana University in 2011. Since beginning her professional career, she has worked in a range of library and information settings, including records and archives, academic (2-year and 4-year), and public libraries. Most recently, she served as Library Director for the Union County Library System in Union, SC, which expanded from one service location to four, completed an award-winning renovation, and increased its operating budget and usage by 50% during her tenure. Rieta now provides consulting services through RAD Solutions Consulting, LLC (radsc.org). She is also pursuing a dual degree from Clemson University (Masters in City and Regional Planning and Doctorate in Planning, Design, and the Built Environment) in order to further focus on community development work and the role of libraries in communities.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021
Time (MST):
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Time Zone:
Arizona Time (change)
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