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READsquared as a year-round resource: Setting up a Winter Reading Program

This webinar will explain how you can utilize the READsquared Online Reading Program to host reading programs throughout the year.  This webinar will work with 1 library as an example in setting up a winter reading program. 

READsquared provides other pre-built programs for your use; such as, Fall, Winter, 1000 Books and more but the applications are only limited by your imagination.  

READsquared allows your library to manage reading program statistics, custom tailor the patron experience with targeted features, functions, and content by age, and promote community support thru collaboration with schools, museums, and program sponsors.  Built-in assessments and unparalleled reporting provide insights into your community’s unique character.  Multiple digital and physical prizes allow you to engage and reward patrons of all ages and increase participation. 

To learn more about the open-source reading program software used for Maricopa County’s Summer Reading Program visit greatreadingadventure.com.

Friday, November 16, 2018
12:00pm - 1:00pm
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