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Why DEI Training is Not Working

Why DEI Training is Not Working

Wednesday, August 25th from 11:00am-12:00pm

According to a McKinsey Report, organizations large and small spend an average of $8 billion dollars a year on diversity training. Nearly two-thirds of colleges and universities offer diversity trainings for faculty, staff, and students each year for an annual estimate of over $280 million.

Yet, racial trauma, bias incidents, and hate crimes on college campuses are on the continual rise. Hundreds of studies dating back to the 1930s suggest that anti-bias and diversity training does not reduce bias, alter behavior, or change the cultural climate of the organization. Specifically, recent studies have shown that diversity training had "no positive effects," fails on multiple levels and in numerous cited cases and lawsuits, creates more harm than good.  

Although diversity training does not work, it does not mean the problem cannot be solved.  Libraries can go from popular “drive by” diversity training sessions to creating change that supports an inclusive workplace culture for everyone.

In this interactive presentation, participants will:

  1. Take a Workplace Agility IQ quiz
  2. Learn the Top 5 Reasons most diversity training fails to meet key objectives and goals
  3. Learn the #1 mistake almost every organization makes when starting a DEI program
  4. Learn common-sense things to do before starting any DEI initiative?

Elaina Norlin ~ Biography

Elaina Norlin is the Professional Development DEI Coordinator for the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries. She is an accomplished teacher, technology and leadership development trainer, and writer with extensive leadership experience and a flair for public relations, organizational development, marketing and persuasion and communications. Author of three books, she has delivered over 70 workshops, training sessions, presentations, and institutes both nationally and internationally on marketing, web usability design, facilitation, strategic influence, and conflict management. Her new book Six Step Guide to Library Worker Engagement (ALA) will be out July 2021. Elaina Norlin | ALA Store

Wednesday, August 25, 2021
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11:00am - 12:00pm
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