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Eliminating Personal Burnout: 7 Crucial Skills

PCI Webinar with Laura Greco

Eliminating Personal Burnout: 7 Crucial Skills

Wednesday, March 23rd from 11:00am to 12:00 pm 

Burnout is an unpleasant and persistent state of feeling stuck, depleted, and living in a mess of negative emotions. The classic three symptoms are emotional exhaustion (you have nothing left to give), depersonalization, and a diminished sense of accomplishment. Burnout is a condition that won’t just magically go away by pushing onward.

The opposite of burnout is having vitality and feeling fulfilled, productive, engaged, enthusiastic, and compassionate. The good news is that there are specific steps you can take to eliminate and prevent personal burnout.

During this program you will discover:

  • The difference between personal and organizational burnout
  • Symptoms of burnout
  • Why burnout is more prevalent the past few years
  • 7 crucial skills in eliminating personal burnout

You can leave this program with action steps you can start the same day.

Laura Greco~Biography

Laura Greco, RN, MEd is a wellness coach and speaker who helps professionals eliminate burnout, manage stress, create life balance, and rekindle their sense of purpose and joy. She believes that self-care (body, mind, and spirit) is the basis for well-being and that we all have the capacity to make positive lifestyle changes. She is the author of Wellness Made Simple. For more information, please visit her website www.YouBloomWellness.com.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022
Time (MST):
11:00am - 12:00pm
Time Zone:
Arizona Time (change)
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